Ealing Council (United Kingdom), Arimo (Italy), the NGO Zmogiskuju istekliu stebesenos (Lithuania), Romanian Foundation for Democracy (RFD) and the Izmir Government (Turkey) have taken part in the first meeting with the partner of the Exyonet Project, organised by Meridianos in Madrid in order to formalise the collaboration agreement in the framework of the EU program Youth in Action.

Meridianos leads this European project that will involve the creation of the first European network to improve the employability of young offenders and in risk of social exclusion. This aims to create and space that promote the knowledge exchange, the processes transfer, good practices and cases of success among the European professionals of social inclusion and labour promotion of young offenders.

It also foments the investigation, development and innovation of activities related with the insertion and training itineraries. It guides the participation of the European young offenders in the services design where they have the opportunity of explain their real insertion necessities, the difficulties they face in order to enter the labour market and their solution proposals.

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